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Another addition to our repetoir!

Dale Whinham somehow found himself drafted for the Spikerbox session at our last visiting day at Newcastle University. And what a plus that was for me! I discovered that Dale is not only a computer science student but also a hardware hacker. About a week and a half ago I was giving Dale and Ben (also drafted at the last session), a bit of guidance to do our next open day because I have to do yet another Spikerbox session at the eFaire at Gateshead Library on the same day. It was then that Dale wondered out loudly (mistakenly?) whether we couldn’t somehow use the SpikerShield to drive a game on an Android phone using a Teensy 3.1. With absolutely no regard for everything he already has on his plate I talked him right into building it for us. The result is a SpikerShield interfaced with Teensy and not just driving a servo motor but also driving flappy bird on an Arduino phone! Go Dale!! You can follow Dale’s activities on