Sometimes I shock myself with the smart things I say and do. Other times I try to get out of the car with my seatbelt on.

19 February 2014: Masters students visit my lab to see Spikerboxes

I usually work in the crab lab at Newcastle University. So I invited our Neuroinformatics students for a demo of the Spikerboxes. Fortunately there are only three students because my lab couldn’t accommodate more people if I tried! It is not the biggest lab in world.

I set out the EMG Spikerbox and at least one of the three had a go to see for himself how the box works. We also tried the earthworm experiment but I think I pickled the first worm and the second one didn’t work either although I’m pretty sure that one was still alive. On the Backyard Brains website it said 10 ml alcohol and 30 ml water. It didn’t make it clear that the 10 ml alcohol was Vodka and not pure ethanol!! Well, maybe they did, I just didn’t read properly 🙁 So I’ll have to try the experiment again when I find more earthworms.

Two channel Spikerbox. Trying the earthworm experiment.
A selection of Spikerboxes, including the Arduino with a Spikershield to drive a small stepper motor.