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15 March 2014: Getting on your nerves. Neuroscience for Everyone.

On Saturday, 15 March, we ran our first 2 hour session, open to anyone, at Gateshead Library. We had less than a week to advertise the session, so the fact that we managed to get 10 people to come and join us with a hands-on Spikerbox session was absolutely great.

The session was meant to give participants hands on experience with the EMG Spikerboxes and I also wanted to test the waters to see how people felt about doing experiments with earthworms and grasshoppers. I managed to set up the earthworm experiment with a dual Spikerbox but there wasn’t enough time to give everyone a chance with the grasshoppers. The main thing was that nobody seemed to have a problem with doing these experiments and that is a positive. Next time I’ll be better organised and try to set up even more experiments as examples of what can be done.

Participants were told to try out different muscle groups and so legs, arms and even the face were covered. People seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the session and one of the kids announced that he was going to go and buy himself a Spikerbox immediately. The feedback that we got was all positive leaving me all excited for the 4 hour workshop in a month’s time!