Sometimes I shock myself with the smart things I say and do. Other times I try to get out of the car with my seatbelt on.

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This website is for the days I say and do smart things, not the days I try to get out of the car with the seatbelt on.

4. Building a car

Once the house started taking shape I thought that it might be a good idea to add a remote controlled car to the project. I found just the right one, the Orlando Hunter at a 1:35 scale.

3. Finding a scale

November brought some interesting decisions to be made for the exhibit. We were thinking of including some Lego kits in our exhibit. Specifically a Lego train set and the Lego wind turbine. Based on the first house model that I made it seems that a scale of 1:32 to 1:35 should do the trick. Lego mini figures are at a scale of 1:25 based on their width and 1:42 based on their height. This scale means they are quite short compared to the house but we figured that it should be okay. Laura and I are on the short side any way, so that would make the model quite accurate compared to our world.

2. A test run

Once a year, Gateshead Library puts on some STEM event – an eDay or a Raspberry Pi Jam, or something like that. I have been exhibiting since about 2014. In September 2019 it was a Raspberry Pi Jam and I decided to show off my model house, fitted with lights, a temperature/humidity sensor and a servo motor controlled by an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. I thought that this exhibit would also give me an idea of how the public responds to what I have to show.

1. WES 100 Violets Challenge

In August 2019 I came across WES 100 Violets Challenge ( and I thought that I would like to submit a proposal. The aim of the challenge is to design and make an exhibit which celebrates and showcases your area of engineering/research, and shares this with the public. I asked around for anyone to join my team and my colleague Laura agreed.